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Yo! I'm Friday and I'm a 14 yr old trans dude (he/him lol) who likes drawing (duh) and creating comics. I'm kind of a dummy so this site is always in heavy construction. When I'm older I hope to start creating and publishing graphic novels! Or maybe I'll be doing furry e-comissions to get cash so I can pay off my rent.

I like a ton of stuff, but my main interests right now are Serial Experiments Lain and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni!

I also like: Nijiura Maids, Touhou, fighting games, Battle Royale, Gloomy Bear, Danganronpa, and Death Note!

My fav artists/bands are: Gorillaz, Cibo Matto, Death Grips, DJ Technorch, blacksquares, and t+pazolite.

My all time favorite character of anything ever is Lain Iwakura!!!♥